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Focus on creating a great user experience and forget complex infrastructure. Instantly add powerful real-time communications features to your iOS & Android apps.

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Developer Portal

Powerful cloud-based tools

Use the web-based, all-in-one Hookflash Developer Portal for powerful debugging, adding / editing applications & contact directories, and more.

Hookflash Developer Portal



ORTC, WebRTC, Open Peer

For organizations looking for expert ORTC, WebRTC and Open Peer software development and consulting services on mobile, web and server.

WebRTC Consulting Services

"Hookflash have been instrumental in making this cross-industry collaboration happen, and we look forward to continuing our work with them."

Justin Uberti, Google

"We have been working hard to get the ORTC API to the point where it can be implemented. This would not have been possible without the initial and continuing work of Hookflash"

Bernard Aboba, Principal Architect, Skype

"Hookflash is at the forefront of WebRTC"

Albert Kooiman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Lync - Microsoft

Say “goodbye” to metered minutes

Free voice and video calls *

We have been working hard to bring developers a modern day billing model that will accommodate usage cycles leveraging our Peer-to-Peer model, which means no more metered minutes for voice and video traffic. Take advantage of our innovative per API transactional billing model and say goodbye to metered minutes! *Media subjected to relay will incur data transfer fees.


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Say Goodbye to Metered Minutes