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Hookflash Platform - Open Peer iOS SDK

WebRTC Expo, San Francisco CA, – November 29, 2012—In 2010 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Steve Jobs announced, “we’re going to the standards bodies tomorrow and making FaceTime an open standard.” A great vision of tremendous value to tens of millions of users, unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Today, Hookflash announces availability of the Open Peer Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS, providing developers with Peer-to-Peer mobile voice, video and messaging on Apple’s iOS mobile platform. Open Peer iOS SDK aims to realize Jobs’ vision,” explains Hookflash CEO Trent Johnsen. “Developers can now use the Open Peer SDK to provide their customers with high quality voice, video calling and messaging in their own iOS apps”

People just want voice, video and text communications embedded in whatever they’re doing, that’s what Open Peer does. What is important here is that Open Peer enables developers to integrate real time communications into their iOS and desktop applications today and use it as P2P signaling for WebRTC / RTCWEB in browsers in the near future. Seamless high quality, low cost communications between any web enabled devices regardless of operating system, Open Peer.

The company simultaneously announced the availability of Hookflash Cloud Services (HCS), hosted cloud services to support Open Peer deployments based on the Open Peer SDK. Hookflash Cloud Services pricing is designed to support both large enterprise and carrier deployments as well as independent developers with affordable, scalable plans.

Developers can register at ( to start using the Open Peer SDK today.

For more information and a free white paper on the Open Peer & WebRTC please visit Hookflash

Hookflash for iPad is a reference app built on and powered by “Open Peer” Hookflash for iPad demonstrates the use of Open Peer integrated with LinkedIn as directory. It is available in the iTunes App Store.


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Trent Johnsen


855-HOOKFLASH (466-5352) ext 1


Hookflash enables real-time social, mobile, communications with “Open Peer” for integration of voice, video, and messaging into world leading software, enterprise, applications, networks, mobile and computing devices. Hookflash and Open Peer are trademarks of Hookflash Inc. Apple, Facetime, iTunes and iOS are trademarks of Apple. LinkedIn is a trademark of LinkedIn. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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