Enterprise Connect: WebRTC Standards Update

Enterprise Connect: WebRTC Standards Update


Hookflash CEO – Trent Johnsen, will be on a panel at Enterprise Connect on March 16 at 11am with some of the current WebRTC 1.0 specification editors discussing the road to WebRTC availability.

WebRTC Standards Update: When Will WebRTC Become Available for You?

Speaker Irwin Lazar  |  Vice President and Service Director, Nemertes Research |
Moderator Cullen Jennings, PhD  |  Cisco Fellow, RTCWeb Co-Chair at Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Cisco |
Speaker Trent Johnsen  |  CEO, Hookflash, Inc.
Speaker Tsahi Levent-Levi  |  Founder, BlogGeek.Me
Speaker Dan Burnette  |  Founder, Standards Play
Speaker Brent Kelly, PhD  |  Principal Analyst/Consultant, KelCor, Inc.

Location:  Osceola 4
Date:  Monday, March 16
Time:  11:00am – 12:00pm
Pass Type: WebRTC Conference-Within-A-Conference, Entire Event – Get your pass now!

During this session we will hear from those directly involved with WebRTC standards development as they discuss how close we are to a truly ubiquitous ability to support WebRTC across browsers and applications. We will review where the standard is now, what work needs to be done to get to WebRTC Version 1.0, and happens afterward. We will include a discussion of the ORTC initiative.

Meet Peerly, your new Twitter messenger



Yesterday, we launched Peerly, a new Twitter messenger with video chat and few other interesting mobile messaging features like offline messaging and offline call notifications. Peerly was built to show off Hookflash technology and our ability to enable real time communications for mobile developers. It’s early days still and as we release Peerly to a broader audience we will be improving the overall user experience.

Peerly leverages Hookflash, Open Peer and Twitter APIs to provide for what we think is an interesting experience in a modern mobile messenger.

To learn more about Hookflash, and how we help your organization enable real time communication features for your apps, visit us at Hookflash.com or call 1.855.HOOKFLASH (466.5352).