RTC (Real-time Communications) iOS SDK Update & Hookflash API Pricing

Hookflash Pricing

New releases of Hookflash RTC (real-time communications) mobile toolkits for iOS and Android are now available. For leading mobile developers, customers and partners; Hookflash mobile toolkits provide an easy, cost effective way to integrate a choice of real-time Text Messaging, High-Quality Voice and Video Chat directly into mobile applications, adding scalable, private, valuable communications functionality for customers and user communities. “The […]

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ORTC – JavaScript powered RTC


The ORTC API ( was conceptualized by Robin Raymond – Chief Architect, Hookflash Inc.  It’s no secret that we have been opposed to SDP in the WebRTC 1.0 spec, but instead of derailing progress there we decided to create a W3C Community Group where we could apply our passion. We are getting closer on a […]

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Object RTC Library – BSD License


Last Sunday we announced the Object RTC API and accompanying Library, today we announce that the ORTC Library is now licensed freely under the BSD license. In combination with this we have turned on the new ORTC site as well:  

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Hookflash Advances Enterprise Real-time Communications for Web and Mobile with ORTC

HTML 5 & Browsers - WebRTC

Vancouver BC, Canada (PRWEB) November 01, 2013 Hookflash joins over 20 technology companies and thought leaders from around the globe this Sunday, November 3, 2013, to review “ORTC” the new Object RTC API (Object Real-Time Communications Application Programming Interface). Hookflash Chief Architect Robin Raymond will provide an introduction and overview of the new ORTC API, […]

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OTT: That’s just over the top!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 4.03.58 PM

A 3-hour, executive format meeting where up to 100 telecom experts discuss how Over The Top, OTT, content and services are changing the ecosystem and creating opportunities. The rise of OTT content and services has been a bittersweet affair for network operators. On the one hand, OTT content is what has driven the demand for […]

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Heightening high tech’s profile – interview with Trent Johnsen


As co-founder of Calgary tech start-up Hookflash, Trent Johnsen can’t emphasize enough the power of a little publicity. The maker of Open Peer, information communication software was named a winner of the 2013 TechRev Innovators of the Year, and the recognition has meant more than just accolades. “What it did was help validate the work […]

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Event: IIT RTC Conference and Expo

IIT RTC Conference and Expo

The IIT RTC Conference and Expo is a globally recognized collaborative event, where industry and academia connect. Leveraging its unique academic setting, this annual conference brings together technical professionals and business executives from the data and telecommunications industry, standards bodies, policy and regulatory institutions, and academic educators and researchers to promote an open exchange of ideas […]

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Watch This: @RobinRaymond builds federated video chat at jQuery Conference Portland on stage!

Robin Raymond at jQuery Conf Portland 2013

This is a great visualization of how WebRTC actually functions today.  Robin shows the message flows in a terminal, the source used, very cool! He also touches on all the bits outside of WebRTC that are needed for a secure, ubiquitous and mobile friendly user experience. The Q&A at the end of the presentation are […]

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When will WebRTC be ready for prime time?

WebRTC - Ship It good!

No matter what camp you are in, pro-SDP or Object API, WebRTC feels like it’s here to stay. The fact that there is so much push-back on an Object-centric API in the WebRTC working groups tells us that there are many who are concerned about delaying v1 any longer than is necessary, there is a […]

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Now Hiring: Mid-Senior NodeJS / JavaScript Developer

Now Hiring: Mid-Senior NodeJS/JavaScript Developer

We are looking for an experienced JavaScript developer to join our distributed team working on our open and closed source projects. The successful candidate has proven experience working with NodeJS and networking multiple NodeJS servers to work together as a whole.  You will live somewhere in North America. This position will require someone who can actively […]

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