Hookflash Keynote at WebRTC Expo East

Hookflash WebRTC Expo May 2015

  Hookflash CEO, Trent Johnsen delivers keynote address at the WebRTC Expo EAST ( today, delivering some details around the ORTC specification, how it relates to WebRTC. Trent also touched on the ORTC Library, a Open Source C++ library for ORTC, wrapped for iOS, Android and Windows which should ship later this year.

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Enterprise Connect: WebRTC Standards Update

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.47.52 PM

  Hookflash CEO – Trent Johnsen, will be on a panel at Enterprise Connect on March 16 at 11am with some of the current WebRTC 1.0 specification editors discussing the road to WebRTC availability. — WebRTC Standards Update: When Will WebRTC Become Available for You? Speaker Irwin Lazar  |  Vice President and Service Director, Nemertes Research | Moderator Cullen Jennings, […]

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Meet Peerly, your new Twitter messenger


  Yesterday, we launched Peerly, a new Twitter messenger with video chat and few other interesting mobile messaging features like offline messaging and offline call notifications. Peerly was built to show off Hookflash technology and our ability to enable real time communications for mobile developers. It’s early days still and as we release Peerly to a broader […]

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Video: What’s next for WebRTC

What next for WebRTC

Hookflash CEO – Trent Johnsen on stage at WebRTC meetup in Boston recently.  

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Mobile developers wave “goodbye” to metered minutes

Say Goodbye to Metered Minutes

For the past 100 or so years, we have been paying for every minute spent on our phones. Metered minutes for voice have long been the standard for growth of telecoms the world over. Early purveyors of VoIP (Voice over IP) promised great things and many have built respectable businesses. Still, we hang onto the networks of old (PSTN) […]

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Next Event: @RobinRaymond of Hookflash speaking @IIT_RTC_Conf #webrtc #ortc

IIT RTC Conference

This is hands down our favorite event of the year. IIT has produced a great “no bs” technical event. If you want to know what is happening inside the industry, you will want to attend this one. Excerpt from their website.. The IIT RTC Conference and Expo is a globally recognized collaborative event, where industry and academia connect. […]

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Hookflash, Google and Microsoft lead on ORTC / WebRTC 1.1 Public Draft


The first ORTC Public Draft Specification has been published, authored by Hookflash, Microsoft, and Google. ( ) This specification extends WebRTC 1.0 with new functionality to create a WebRTC 1.1 API with exceptional flexibility and no loss of compatibility. Like WebRTC, ORTC (Object Real-time Communication) enables plugin-free real-time communications for mobile, web and cloud, but is specifically tailored […]

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Hookflash for Android – Improved RTC Video Support


  We are always working hard to improve the tools we build for our developer partners and customers. Today we are happy to announce improved support for RTC (Real-time Communications) Video. We’ve had video for a couple of weeks now but we held off on releasing it due to some lingering issues, until today. We have knocked […]

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Improved support for Push Notifications on iOS and Android


In this update, notifications become more fluid and work across conversations on both iOS and Android. Real-time messaging on mobile requires “suspended application” support for notifying the user that a new message has arrived when the application is not in focus. Receiving a message as part of a conversation is not much good unless the user is aware the […]

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