“Getting Real on RTC,” by Erik Lagerway

Co-founder Erik Lagerway guest posts on No Jitter, discussing the history and current state of WebRTC.

One company in particular rules the enterprise, and that’s Microsoft. But Microsoft supports ORTC, not WebRTC…

…what is ORTC, or as it’s formally known, Object Real-Time Communications. Back in 2013, a small team from Hookflash, with Microsoft joining shortly thereafter, formed the W3C Community Group to work on a parallel effort to WebRTC with a focus on advanced functionality via object APIs. We first pitted ORTC as an alternative to WebRTC work happening at the WebRTC working group. But now ORTC and WebRTC are converging, and the WebRTC working group already has integrated some of the ORTC APIs into the WebRTC 1.0 spec. The ORTC Community Group (CG) now boasts more than 100 members, including Google.

Read the full article here.

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