how is Hookflash different than Skype?

One of the most common questions we get asked of hookflash is “how is it different from Skype™?

We could write extensively about this but Alice Waters, one of America’s most revered chefs, frames an answer perfectly in the intro to her Chez Panisse Cookbook:

“ Food must be experienced and I worry that writing about it may not make the sense I want it to. I wish I could just sit people down and give them something to eat; then I know they would understand.”

The moment you experience hookflash, you understand how different it is from Skype™.

From the simple, elegant user interface to the rich integration of social context and user identity, hookflash works and feels distinctly different from Skype™. Importantly, instead of adding complexity  with another user ID and phone number to manage, or additional directories and buddy lists to maintain, hookflash provides instant HD voice, video, messaging and social connections to all my LinkedIn™ contacts in my pre-existing, self maintaining LinkedIn™ directory in the Cloud.

There are important considerations other than just how hookflash is different than Skype™. Given the phenomenal growth and success of Skype™ (over 40 million simultaneous connections was a new milestone this week); @hookflash we’re working on …

How can we improve beyond Skype™ and deliver on our vision of work, life, simplified?

Be sure to signup for hookflash at and stay tuned here at the blog and on twitter @hookflash for more on this.

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