iOS 6 / iPhone 5 – iDev Meetup Vancouver

Join Hookflash at Vancouver iDev Meetup this eve at Discovery Parks in Vancouver.

From the organizer…

We’re organizing a big bang for after the Apple announcements on September 12th! (Meetup is September 13th… just to not confuse things)

Hendrick is likely right; We’re expecting the NDA to still be in effect. Apple is likely to announce the new iPhone + ship date. Developers would get the iOS 6 GM and the release date would be the same as the iPhone ship date.This poses an interesting situation… Apple is definitely hiding their cards. With the Samsung patent loss and Windows Phone 8 announcements happening this week. That could mean a lot of bomb dropping on Sept 12th, so a chunk of our meetup will be re-capping some of the shake-ups in the mobile industry.

We’re looking for iCandy presenters.  If you got a new app or something cool to share, lets see it!

Erik will present Hookflash.  Social Mobile Video Conferencing. Peer to Peer tech that opens up some pretty amazing opportunities. Erik is going to talk about the business, the technology stack, and future of a mobile “social” enterprise.

Lets prep for the October meetup where the NDA is dropped, and line up presenters on iOS 6 topics. We could cover:

  • Core Image – cool new visual effects and techniques
  • Passbook – how the JSON package and emailing works
  • Bluetooth – What can we do? Any tricks with Passbook too?
  • Apps that work across platforms iOS and Mac – game center and iCloud (setting up container IDs correctly)
  • IOS6 analytics, app usage patterns, and getting meaning from that data

And of course we’ll have the after-meetup get together at Lion’s Pub.  😀

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