Happy Holidays – Open Peer Developer Sandbox is Open!

Open Peer SDK developer sandbox is now open! We are very excited to open the developer sandbox for the Open Peer iOS SDK! Developers that have signed up should have now received their credentials. Those of you who have not signed up, what are you  waiting for?

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Thank you for your patience and happy coding!

Hookflash at WebRTC World

Hookflash will be at WebRTC Expo in San Francisco. We will be talking about industry disruption and what resources are available to build WebRTC solutions.

It’s going to be a blast and we are super excited about being there.

This is going to fill up quick so make sure you register early.

Hookflash nominated as Innovator of the Year

You are invited to join us for the official announcement of TechRev Innovators 2012 and a celebration of achievement in the advanced technology sector. Hookflash nominated as Innovator of the Year.
In this, the fourth year of TechRev Innovators, over 400 nominations were received. Calgary companies from across the broad spectrum of advanced technology were identified as innovators with compelling technologies, applications and stories. Join us to celebrate the TechRev Innovators of 2012.
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Cocktail Reception: 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Announcement: 6:00 p.m.

Ross Glen Hall – Roderick Mah Centre
Mount Royal University
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, AB

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with tech entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, and collaborators.

RSVP today!

For more information, visit

Rock the World with LinkedIn – CEO Interview

Mike and Lori @ Webmaster Radio interview Trent Johnsen CEO – Hookflash.

In the discussion:
– Where did the name Hookflash come from?
– Where is Hookflash headed?
– What about Webrtc / RTCWEB?
– What is the business model?
– What is Open Peer?
..and more!

Check it out by playing the podcast below.

Your next business phone is not a phone at all

Imagine a world where you could use your existing iPad and a docking device to transform your business communications experience into something a bit more meaningful and useful. The software then allowed you to communicate with all of your existing business contacts already in LinkedIn via HD Voice, HD Video and messaging.. for free. At the end of your work day, you then take your iPad home and your kids use it to play angry birds or the like. The next morning you use that very same iPad to read the news and check your email. When you get to work, it slides back into the dock and takes its place as your business communications centerpiece.

I am of course leaving out some important bits here but we @hookflash believe that this is where business communications is headed. That $800 VoIP phone on your desk will go by the wayside. New devices that you can pick up at your local retail electronics store will be paired with Hookflash to transform your business comm experience into something wonderful.

Your next business phone, is not a phone at all.

Why not android?

Many have asked, “Why not android?”.

For us @hookflash, the answer is relatively simple, “Resources & Timing”.

Building and deploying a P2P comm offer on 1 OS is hard enough. Hookflash does not have hundreds or thousands or even dozens of engineers to build and support 80+ devices, all of which are supporting various versions of android. Very few of the most advanced android smartphones even run the most recent android operating system, likely because the carriers all want to have something that sets them apart. Sound familiar? Microsoft adopted the same mantra and now it seems, the PC is old news. RIM is also suffering. Maybe, far fewer devices and 1 OS would serve them well?

Apple via iOS on the other hand has a relatively simple perspective, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.” (credit to Mr. Ford).  iOS is certainly not perfect, and “x code” is downright annoying at times, but it does allow one to focus on 1 OS and essentially 1 device, this is not the case with android or blackberry, at least not today.

-Erik Lagerway

We @Hookflash Thank You!

Hookflash launched on June 21st, 2012. Not even a week has gone past and we are seeing great support from all over the globe.

So here’s a big “Thank you!” from all of us at Hookflash to all of you who took the time to download Hookflash for iPad.

We love getting your feedback so please keep it coming! You can send your comments to

See you in Hookflash!

Launched: Hookflash for iPad | Now in the iTunes App Store

It’s a big day @Hookflash. Today we launched Hookflash for iPad in the iTunes app store, download it here –

A word from our CEO, Trent Johnsen

“We’ve essentially turned the iPad into the world’s best business phone with a directory of over a 160 million professionals on a free global digital network. “This changes everything” has to be my favorite customer reaction to Hookflash so far”

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