Mocet Communicator aka Hookflash Dock – Video

The new Mocet Communicator aka Hookflash Dock is a product that is near and dear to our hearts. It arrived late last week and we were eager to get our hands on it.

Packaging is A+
The device arrived in beautiful packaging. A white box in a sleek minimalist style we have come to expect from companies like Apple, complete with a handle too, nice touch.



Unboxing the product revealed the dock in one piece, I was expecting the need to attach the stand to the base, thankful to Mocet for thinking of the user on this one. Ours was black but it also comes in white. Aside from the actual dock, there is a handset, handset cord, ethernet cable, power adapter and quick start guides.


Ports a-plenty!
Power, Ethernet (PC and LAN), Console (local access for repair), Handset, and a port for a pair of desktop noise cancelling microphones, fancy! The right-side of the unit also has a micro-SD, USB port. The left-side has standard 1/8 inch headset jack. There is also a port on the top of the unit, which looks like a WiFi or Video Camera module or another expansion port of some kind.


Setup was relatively easy. I plugged everything in and had it up and running in 10 minutes. Since I know Hookflash for iPad does not route audio via the 30 pin connector I knew I was going to have to pair the Mocet unit via Bluetooth with my iPad, which was effortless. I also had my iPad paired with my Bluetooth keyboard so I could type while the iPad was in the dock.


Making a call.  Since we are partial to Hookflash and Open Peer, we did our call using Hookflash for iPad and it was a great experience!

Very happy to see this idea come to fruition, we helped out on the design of this product in the early days and it is very close to what we envisioned. Congrats to Marc and his team at Mocet for doing a great job on completing the design and bringing this version 1 product to market.

For more on the Mocet Communicator visit

Happy Holidays – Open Peer Developer Sandbox is Open!

Open Peer SDK developer sandbox is now open! We are very excited to open the developer sandbox for the Open Peer iOS SDK! Developers that have signed up should have now received their credentials. Those of you who have not signed up, what are you  waiting for?

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Thank you for your patience and happy coding!

Why not android?

Many have asked, “Why not android?”.

For us @hookflash, the answer is relatively simple, “Resources & Timing”.

Building and deploying a P2P comm offer on 1 OS is hard enough. Hookflash does not have hundreds or thousands or even dozens of engineers to build and support 80+ devices, all of which are supporting various versions of android. Very few of the most advanced android smartphones even run the most recent android operating system, likely because the carriers all want to have something that sets them apart. Sound familiar? Microsoft adopted the same mantra and now it seems, the PC is old news. RIM is also suffering. Maybe, far fewer devices and 1 OS would serve them well?

Apple via iOS on the other hand has a relatively simple perspective, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.” (credit to Mr. Ford).  iOS is certainly not perfect, and “x code” is downright annoying at times, but it does allow one to focus on 1 OS and essentially 1 device, this is not the case with android or blackberry, at least not today.

-Erik Lagerway

We @Hookflash Thank You!

Hookflash launched on June 21st, 2012. Not even a week has gone past and we are seeing great support from all over the globe.

So here’s a big “Thank you!” from all of us at Hookflash to all of you who took the time to download Hookflash for iPad.

We love getting your feedback so please keep it coming! You can send your comments to

See you in Hookflash!

How to submit feedback – Hookflash for iPad

Your feedback is vital! During this preview phase it’s important for those who are testing the app to provide as much feedback as possible. This is especially important when describing potential bugs. There are 2 ways to do it…

We have some great tools built right inside the app that allow for easy feedback

  • If there has been an issue in the app we try to capture that and then present it to you when you log in again. It would be very helpful to us if when presented with an issue that our users add feedback to that issue when it’s presented. Add detail like;
    • what were the previous actions that led up to the issue?
    • was the app in the background prior to the issue?
    • was the device using 3G or WiFi?
    • and anything else you can think of that would be helpful
  • Tap the Gear icon at the top right
  • Select Support from left menu
  • Tap Feedback
    • Enter your comments, please provide as much detail as possible when describing a possible bug or crash. You can even add a voice clip if you prefer that over text. Screen shots are always helpful.

Or via email

If you are having troubles logging into Hookflash you can send in your comments, screenshots and detail of your issue to