Video: Get on the #WebRTC bus or get run over!

#Hookflash video call with Cullen Jennings (aka Fluffy – Chair for the  IETF Working Group – RTCWEB) today. We discussed many items on the hit list for WebRTC / RTCWEB and the recent IETF 83 meeting in Paris, held last month.

It was interesting to hear Cullen call out to everyone, “ attention or risk getting run over by the WebRTC bus!”

A few of the questions asked..

  • What is WebRTC and why is it important?
  • What is the difference between WebRTC and RTCWEB?
  • Who are the driving forces behind this new technology?
  • What does WebRTC mean to the average person?
  • What problems are left to resolve eg. Video & Audio Codecs, Signalling, Security, Identity?
  • Will there be verified identity providers in this model like SSL cert providers?
  • When will we see WebRTC used by most app and web developers?
  • When will we see WebRTC hit mainstream adoption?
  • Who are the big players?
  • What does this mean to SIP or P2PSIP?
  • Where does Microsoft / Skype or other P2P offers fit in?
  • Where does Apple on mobile devices and WebKit fit in?
  • What about Google & Hangouts?
  • How would non-SIP players use this technology?

Thanks for the time Cullen!

Posted by: Erik Lagerway
Hookflash Co-founder


W3C – WebRTC

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